End of Season Survey
This survey has been closed.

1. Is your family enrolled in:

2. What division is your player(s)/ Cheerleader(s) in?

3. Overall League Experience (suggestions or Concerns)
4. What did you like about your experience with the Folsom Jr. Bulldogs?
5. What was your favorite moment of the season?
6. Coaching Staff Suggestions or concerns regarding coaching staff (please list if you are cheer or football and division)
7. What did you like about your player/cheerleaders coaching experience? (please list if you are football or cheer and division)
8. As a parent of a football player and/or cheerleader, what would you like to see different and why?
9. What communication did you like best from the FYFC?

10. FJB Annual Events (suggestions or concerns)
11. What was your favorite FJB event?
12. Concessions (suggestions or concerns)
13. What was your favorite food from snack bar? Was there a food item you wished the snack bar sold or would bring back?
14. FJB Teen for Hire (suggestions or concerns)
15. What are your thoughts about the conditions of Livermore field and its facilities?
16. Any other comments, questions, concerns, or ideas you would like to add