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The FJB has a list of approved teenagers that are available to cover your volunteer shifts for a fee of $25.
The fee to hire a teen is $25, this amount is firm and not negotiable.

The teens can work any shifts with the exception of fireworks booth,
BBQ grill, field tear down/clean up and fundraiser
(alcohol is served at the fundraiser)

To hire a teen simply send an email to

In your email please include the following:

-Date and time of shift
Player/Cheerleaders last name
type of shift (chain gang, trash pick-up, field set up etc.,)
your contact info

All of the teens will get your email at the same time and respond
if they are available and interested. 


We suggest you pay them somewhere neutral. 
Starbucks, the Bulldog field, etc.

Teens have been screened, interviewed and approved by the parent coordinators and the Board; you may NOT hire any other teen under the age of 18 to work your shift.  Hiring teens is encouraged and not frowned upon.  You can hire out all of your shifts if you wish with NO penalty.

If you “no show” for your assigned shift you will receive a monetary fine and your child will be benched for the following game and not allowed to play until the fine is paid. 
The fine is higher than the cost of hiring a teen.

Click here to pay your "No Show Fee" 

If you have any questions please email Tara Frey @ or
Brooke Meixner @





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